Via Ebay twee kleine vermogenmeters aangeschaft. Daarmee kun je spanning, stroom en vermogen meten. Ook het stroomverbruik over een bepaalde periode kun je zien. Eén van de meters wil ik gebruiken om de stroomopbrengst van het zonnepaneel te monitoren en de tweede voor het totale 12V-verbruik. In het schema kun je zien waar de ‘power’-meters zijn geplaatst.

Dit is de beschrijving in Chinees Engels.


s-l1600 DC Battery 6.5-100V 20A LCD Voltage Current KWh Watt Power Digital Combo Meter
The new version is bigger 4-in-1 ,New we send new version

Widely use in cars boats ,motorcycle and testing devices for measuring voltage and current
Widely used in equipment and electromechanical device
Monitoring battery & electrical system, solar ,wind ,HHO system


– The Working Voltage: 6.5–100VDC
– Max Power: 20A/2000W
– Measurement Precision: Class 1

About Function:

1) measure and monitor the electrical parameters (voltage, current, kWh, watt)
2) Overload alarm function (more than watt alarm threshold , backlight flashing)
3) power alarm threshold preset function (can set up their own power alarm threshold)
4) power(kWh) button reset function
5) When power off, store the data, when on, continue the date
6) large screen LCD liquid crystal screen full display function (voltage, current, kWh, watt)
7) backlight function

About Display

Display interface. By the large screen LCD display LCD monitor voltage and current, kWh, watt, electric parameters
1)Watt: the measurement range of 0~2kW
less than 1kW: 0.0~999.9W
less than 10KW: 1000~2000W
2)KWh: the measurement range of 0~9999kWh
less than 10kWh: 0~9999Wh
more than 10KWh:10~9999kWh
3)The test voltage range of 6.5-100V
DC Display format 6.50~99.99V
4)Current test range: 0~20A
Display format 0.00~20.00A

About Button

1) backlight control
Can turn on/off backlight by short press
2) power reset
Step 1: long time press the button ( about 5 seconds), til display flicker, then release the button;
Step 2: if short time press the button again, then power(kWh) reset zero and exit flicker;
Step 3: if long press button for 5 seconds until it is no longer flicker, power(kWh) data is not cleared and exit.
3) set the alarm (watt)
Step 1: long press the button, till the LCD screen display “SET CLr”, release the button.
Step 2: show the alarm(voltage) value, short time press, value(number) increase. don’t press the button for 3 seconds, the setting switch to other bit.
Step 3: long time press the button(about 5 seconds) —-> save the threshold voltage value. threshold setting watt range: 6.5v-99.99v.

Notes: Pls connect the wiring correctly(The polarity)

This module not suit for outdoor
The added load can not exceed the rated voltage and current

The old version details

Measuring range: – DC 6.5V-100.00V, 0-20.00A, 0-999.99kWh, 0-1000.0W, 0-999:59H
Display Type: – LCD with backlight
Resolution: – 0.01V, 0.01A, 0.01kWh, 0.1W, 0.01H
Dimension: – 96mm*44mm*18mm (W*H*D)
Size of mounting hole: – 39.50mm* 91.50mm

High Measuring accuracy(±1%): class 1.0

– Electrical combo meter measurement function (voltage, current, kilowatt hour, power, cumulative working time).
– Cumulative working time function.
– Electricity, cumulative working time clear function.
– Blue LED Backlight *ON / OFF* function.
– Power-off data save function (save cumulative power, working time, display status and backlight on/offstatus).
– Large-screen LCD display (voltage, current, kilowatt hour, power, working time)

Key function

– In normal status sequence change (voltage→current→kilowatt hour→power→working time)
– In the status of kilowatt hour and running time, the exit cleared status.
– In normal status reverse change (working time→power→kilowatt hour→current→voltage)
– In the status of kilowatt hour and running time, the exit cleared state.
– In the status of kilowatt hour and working time, press 3 seconds enter cleared status
– In normal status press to turn ON or OFF the backlight
– In the status of kilowatt hour and working time, cleared kilowatt hour or working time and the exit cleared status

Recently had buyers who had the connection error in dc table (with 50A or 100A external shunt), so briefly refocused to explain here, if buyers not according to the physical wiring diagram user contrast connection, a burn table shall not be liable for any situation. Note as following:
1. The No-Load condition (voltage measurement, don’t connect the shunt and load)

Dc power supply is negative table from the power supply/positive and negative electrode of test power supply are ok to directly from you.

  1. The loading status (have connected the shunt and load)
    Pay special attention to dc form cathode anode cannot connect the cathode of the power supply directly ,need to go through an external shunt terminal (although see the wiring diagram from the back of the meter is in a line, but the result is completely different)!
Package Includes

1 x (4 in 1) DC 20A LCD Combo meter Voltage current KWh watt


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